Quiz Play : QS – sandra Clough

The basic concept of this application is to learn how do you spell the word and pronounce words correctly. The app results incorrect spelling and word pronunciation of a word in text box which gives you accurate idea about how do you pronounce words in a good accent.

Most of the times we can’t type a word because we don’t know correct spelling of a word and when we don’t know to spell of that word then we cannot search about it too and not using correct spelling when communicating with someone can be embarrassing and shameful especially if working with professional, on Job or delivering lectures, So this spell checker app helps you in such situation.

English word pronunciation and spell checker iPhone Application will guide you on how do you pronounce words or how do you spell the word. You have to listen when type if you don’t know the word pronunciation and you have to speak if you don’t know the correct spelling of a word.

Download Quiz Play iPhone Application to improve your writing and speaking skills.