Quick List Groceries – Thomas O’Hagan

– The FASTEST and EASIEST way to create a grocery list ordered SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR LOCAL GROCERY STORE!

– Innovative new software that remembers the order and layout of YOUR GROCERY STORE! Create a grocery list. Press one button. BAM! Your list is instantly categorised and ordered to the supermarket you use!

– Have you ever nearly completed your weekly shopping only to find that last item at the bottom of the list is way back at the other end of shop?! NOT ANY MORE!

-Quick List Groceries removes the painstaking, monotonous process of organising your grocery list to the shopping aisles. IT DOES IT FOR YOU!

-Not only that! After your first time using the app, it will remember the order you tick of your items and then organise future lists in that very order!

-Use the autocompleted suggestions and the enter button on your keyboard for even quicker and easier list creation! Press categorise. WATCH THE MAGIC!