QRTiger QR Code Generator is a useful and convenient tool that help you to create your own custom QR Code with image.

It’s not only an ordinary QR code maker app, it gives you a lot of interesting features including generate and also a free QR code scanner is implemented with no ads.

You can utilize all the unique features present in this Qr Code Generator whenever or wherever you want.

Technology is getting modern Day by Day. We always try to find smartest way for everything.

This qr code creator app is very useful for those who want to send information to each other in encrypted form instantly.

You can generate codes whether its for your links, Website url, Contacts, text, Wifi, Business card, applications, social accounts etc.

And the best of this app is it works as statically or dynamically. It is safe and fully compatible with your device.

Just take a look on our app and use it. You will realize it’s a different app from others.

We gives you the facility to create an awesome QR code for your products in an easy way.

You can choose either static or dynamic option. Dynamic option allows you to track data and and edit facility.

You don’t need to reprint QR codes and save time and money on printing. User can edit campaign name and also delete the campaign if needed.

We have four menus where user can change pattern, color or add logo. You can easily download it in different formats.

User can filter data by day, week, month or year. You can see how many people scanned your QR codes.

You can also see the time chart that when people scan your QR code. You can also see device chart that shows how many devices scan it.

There is also a map chart that gives you a better view that where in the world do people scan your QR codes and under the map chart you can see in which exact cities people have scanned your QR code.

Features :
– Easy and smooth to use
– Color picker
– Custom Background and Foreground color
– Custom patterns
– Logo option
– Beautiful User interface
– Attractive graphics
– Easy way to save
– Share Options
– Easy to operate
– Track Data
– Editors Choice
– Static QR
– Edit Option
– History
– QR scanner
– WiFi

How to use :
– Choose the type
– Input the content that you want to generate
– Select the pattern, color or image
– Press ‘Generate’ button to create
– Now you can share or save it
– Track your data

Formats :

You can create as many QR Codes as you want. It is extremely easy to use.

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