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Pyramid Solitaire Fun is one of the best classic gameplay of solitaire card games. It takes strategies, skills, and logic to clear the board in the game. There are thousands of random solvable deals for you to enjoy. You will find that it is a super relaxing and entertaining card game. And it’s quite a challenging and fun way to train your brain. 

– Classic Pyramid Solitaire Gameplay 
Nothing beats timeless pyramid solitaire card game. It’s loved by millions of card game lovers and played worldwide every day. 
– Creative Pyramid Solitaire Game 
Not only do we provide classic pyramid solitaire gameplay, but also there are “Star Chest” rewards for you. Win more games to open the chest and get special card backs and themes! 

– Beautiful Interfaces & Animations 
There are lots of well-designed card face styles, card back patterns, background themes and winning animations for you to choose. 
– Handy Tools for You to Play
You can use “tap to move”, “drag & drop”, unlimited “undo” and “hint”, offline mode, customizable themes and more. Whenever you get stuck, don’t forget to use “Magic Wand” for help!

 – Daily Challenge to Get Crowns 
Feel like a master? Try daily challenges and get crowns! Three challenges with different difficulties will be updated every day. 


– Pair movable cards that equal to 13 by number 
– Ace equals 1, Jack equals 11, Queen equals 12, King equals 13 
– No joker included 
– Remove pairs to reveal more cards 
– Draw cards to pair with the ones on the pyramid 
– Try to pair them all before the draw pile runs out 
– Clear the pyramid to win the game 


Come and play this addictive and fun card game and challenge yourself NOW! 

Pyramid Solitaire is usually played with a standard deck of 52 cards (without jokers), 28 in the pyramid and 24 in the draw pile. The pyramid has 7 layers and 7 beginning movable cards at the bottom. To win Pyramid Solitaire, are cards in the pyramid should be paired and removed. Movable cards are those that are not overlapped by any other ones. If two movable cards have a total value of 13, they can be paired and removed. A King can be removed alone since the value is 13 by itself. If there’s no pair available in the pyramid, deal a card from deal plie and try to continue the pairing. To win a Pyramid Solitaire, all cards in the pyramid should be removed before the draw pile runs out.