Pyne App – Pyne Solutions Inc.

A platform focussed on “Employee Experience (EX)” and Work & Life Balance. We developed a flexible tool that adapts to the fast changing HR and Labor Force needs, amid a global pandemic where working from home, managing a flexible schedule and the access to real time information are key to better decision making, reduction of costs and setting the right HR practices to retain the best talent.

For employees: Flexibility, boost of productivity and sense of control. PyneApp is an intuitive Platform that allows employees to seemingless manage their own / their teams leaves, book office spaces and define their own schedule anytime, anywhere. The result: a consumer-like experience that boosts employee retention & productivity through Work & Life Balance practices.

For employers: Access to real time information for better decision making and maximization of HR resources. Special value for global companies, that can handle their EX in one platform, and benefit from the pre-setting of leave policies in compliance with the specific regulatory requirements per country giving much needed transparency regarding people allocation and financial impact.