Puzzle Line : Connect the Dots – DIGIBOT STUDIOS

The game of dots is so simple that it’s not difficult to become an expert in an exceedingly very short time. No preparation or prior knowledge is required. Not even talent. Just persistence. However, whoever starts playing it’ll quickly become infected with the fun that comes from this very simple yet challenging game. Connect all the dots and therefore the boredom will quickly disappear, and along the way you’ll develop problem-solving skills and improve creativity and coordination. Simple but yet challenging Dot Game brings increasing fun because the player moves from level to level. Every next level is harder, but it just implies that the thrill is larger when it comes too. All points must be connected using the allowed number of straight lines. play, it’s great, develop your skills, test your nerves and improve combination. Simple design and complex graphics make this game the most effective in its category. The player starts to play with very simple line on the other hand it gets harder and harder. New lines and points will make it difficult until the very end. the sport has many components such as: a line that has to be passed twice. Then we’ve one directional line. Warp point. And two forms of triggers – direction trigger and way trigger. Draw horizontal and vertical lines and ensure the lines don’t overlap or intersect! the most goal is to become part of the Dot Connect game and find the shortest thanks to connect the dots. This game is incredibly challenging, so it’s not surprising that players often value more highly to play it with their friends to work out who the most effective during this category is. the sport is usually recommended for anyone trying to find extra fun. To anyone who wants to compete, with themselves and with others. Use your free time and annoying moments like expecting a bus or train and play this addictive game! Become the fastest player of all! be sure – the clock is ticking! Compete along with your speed and logic! The faster you’re, the higher the results! other than the fun, you’re actually acting on developing logic and improving your memory.