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Protector Mobile is designed by Vatix to keep at-risk and lone workers safe as they perform their duties, and to help employers adhere to health and safety legislation with features such as reporting safety incidents, setting timed alerts, adding voice memos and assigning a shared safety device (if applicable).


– Fully BS8484:2016 certified lone working application features
– Log timed alerts for potentially dangerous tasks
– Leave voice and text notes for alarm receiving operators
– Choose between the Self-Monitored and Monitored by Vatix options


Before you download

This is the official mobile application for Protector, a service supplied by Vatix. Please note that your organisation will need a current subscription with Vatix in order to use the app. For help, get in touch at

To use the application to its fullest extent, you’ll need:

– A mobile network connection
– A connection to the internet (WiFi or mobile data)

Protector Mobile will also require access to:

– Location data for logging inspections, incident reporting, and lone worker alerts
– Camera access to take photos during inspections & incident reporting
– Phone dialer access to automatically call alert contacts when raising alerts


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Phone: 02039915555

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