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Prisma Illya Alarm, the Alarm App based on the popular TV Anime series [Prisma Illya] currently on its 4th season!

Illya is voiced by Mai Kadowaki. All voices are newly recorded!
Over 260 voices were recorder for this App!
In addition, 30 illustrations drawn by SILVER LINK. are available!
There are many interesting features such as the Sleep Mode, the Timer function, the Stamp function and more!
Let’s have a good day together with Illya!
* The number of recorded voices and illustration includes minutes.

◆ Application overview ◆
Create your own alarm by combining 3 voices.
Select one illustration as your background!
Find your favorite customized setup!
Set up to 10 alarms.
Let’s ask Illya to wake us up.
Set important reminders, such as the garbage disposal day!

▼ Example of recorded voices ▼

‘Hnnn… Good morning… Onii-chan.’
‘Do not call me a sleepyhead! You’re the one falling asleep after waking up!’
‘I guess it can not be helped. Then just 5 more minutes, ok?’
‘Huh… Is it ok to Mana Transfer… Or not?’
‘At this point we will barely make it in time!’

◆ The Sleep mode, featuring dedicated voice recordings exceeding 30 seconds.
Add a mode where you can sleep together with Illya as a separate purchase.
Long voice records are available only in Sleep Mode.
Dedicated illustration with Illya!

◆ Kaleid Selection – enjoy a variety of situations ◆
Illustrations of Illya wearing various costumes.
Situational Voices + Alarm Extensions Voices are included.

▼ Example of recorded voices ▼
‘Onii-chan never loses his sleepiness!’
‘Please wake up. Not after 5 minutes! I have to get mad…’
‘You are here next to me? Should we sleep together? Together… ok?’
‘Pain… Pain… Go Away! That’s how you say it right?’
‘Quintett Feuer!’

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