Presidential Smackdown – Alex Bailey

Presidential Smackdown is an online competitive fighter where players battle to determine who is the best president! Defeat your opponents to acquire medals, diamonds, and supporters to climb leaderboards and unlock new presidents, cosmetics and more! Every president features different abilities to ensure unique gameplay, packed action, and competitive battles!

Features (NEW additions every update):

-NO ADS!!!

We want to keep Presidential Smackdown as smooth, fun, and action packed as possible, and you can’t have action waiting for a 30 second ad. So, we didn’t add them! Enjoy!

– Online multiplayer & Refer-a-Friend

Presidential Smackdown features online multiplayer with quick matchmaking capabilities. Find a match, win some diamonds, and leave! Your account is also saved to our servers, allowing you to share your account on multiple devices and transfer accounts to new devices. Also, you can refer a friend to earn diamonds together!

– 10 Unique presidents (and counting!)

Each president can be unlocked using medals or diamonds acquired by winning battles. The abilities of each president reflect events and actions of their time in office. Every president has a different skill set and abilities so make sure to try them all!

– Global Leaderboards

Each game you win you will amass some supporters admiring your prestigious skill and valor. However, every time you lose, your supporters may leave you! A global leaderboard system keeps track of every players total supporters, creating a competitive space for you to prove your worth!

– In-Depth Stats

Presidential Smackdown will keep track of each and every smack landed and elbow dropped and display your stats on a smooth interface. You can set friendly competitions with your friends to prove who can have the best win/lose ratio or fire the most muskets! Your stats are online, so you can transfer them to any device!

– Cosmetics (Coming Soon)

Hats, outfits, re-skinned items and more coming soon!

***Presidential Smackdown requires an internet connection and is not intended for iPads or Tablets***

If you are having any issues or merely want to comment on Presidential Smackdown please do not hesitate to reach out to us at these links:

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