Portocal – Iulian Stancu

Portocal was created and is curated by wine makers for the thirsty, by chefs for the hungry, by explorers for travellers, by the curious for the inquisitive and by quality addicts for the sensitive & sensual.
No more paid reviews and disappointment when travelling to new, or desired destinations, when going out, or looking for an exquisite place to have dinner. Portocal is a constantly growing service of tips and tricks from around the world. Just open the app and choose where to go next, where to eat, or have fun. All tips are tested by the Portocal community of curators from around the world. There are only two options for Portocal businesses: you are on the app or not. 

If multiple users complain about the quality of a restaurant in our database we take notice and proceed to retesting the location. Upon confirmation, the curators will inform the business that the quality of their service is no longer compliant with our standards and therefore their presence on the Portocal app is no longer justified. The business will be removed until they improve their service and products to the initial standards that brought them on the app.

Portocal is a collection of amazing tips. No matter where you are on the planet, we store only outstanding pleasures for you to enjoy with just a tap. No more five star confusion and trickery. 

How to use

Long Press on tip card – gives you location details (how to get there)
Short Tap on tip card – displays tip name and short review.

Loading the entries from the Database depends entirely on your internet connection, as nothing gets stored on your phone. If you know that you’re going to an area without coverage, open Portocal when you’re connected, load the database and keep the app in the background without closing it. Portocal will store all the information until you close the app completely, even if your connection gets cut out.

Search by city, code (use spaces during search), or by country. Each tip card has a unique code attributed to it, like this: U S 000 F. When searching use spaces like so: U[space]S[space]000[space]F. The first two letters are the country code and the last letter represents what you’re looking for: F stands for “food” (etc.), B stands for “beach” (etc.), A stands for “art” (etc.), and so forth. The numbers in the middle represent the tip number for the specific city or area. To display all tips from city or area, just type in the city/area.

It is that simple.

Portocal is also meant to help small, but exceptional businesses around the world that go above and beyond, but still don’t get the attention and footfall they deserve. This way we hope to reduce the burden on touristic hotspots and educate travellers into wanting to discover more. Your best experience yet might just wait for you around the corner…

Countries covered so far:

United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Dacia (Romania), Bulgaria, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland.

Future improvements will include options to give you more freedom and higher access to the best adventures, restaurants and places in the world, carefully curated, so you know exactly where to go. No ads, no strategic advertising, just the pleasure of accessing an all exclusive and fast-growing travel database and travel advice.