Popcorn Maker Food Factory – Haroon Mehmood

Kids do you want to taste different kinds of popcorn? Salty, cheese and caramel popcorn? What if they are wild and crazy? So why not make popcorn by yourself in this crazy food maker game? You must have played many popcorn cooking games but this popcorn maker food factory game will allow you to cook & bake different types of popcorn snacks. This Popcorn cooking game allows kids to perform multiple farming and cooking activities in the factory kitchen.

Be a world class chef with the true experience of corn farming and cooking popcorn on your smart phones. Build your own popcorn factory kitchen and start producing world finest corn pops. Develop your own corn farm, production and packing plant in town to be the popcorn chef with fun factory games. This is not just a cooking game, it is the ultimate experience in snacks making games that caters all your needs to cook you the best popcorn in the snacks world!

You have options to make cheese popcorns, caramel popcorns and salty popcorns. Select your favourite flavour. Start decorating with your imaginations. When you are done. Now you can share these popcorn with others. Fill and seal each packet properly and place them in the boxes. Deliver the baked popcorn in the bags to different shopping malls, supermarkets and cinema halls in these popcorn factory games.

popcorn maker food factory Features:
• Farming and harvesting corn in the popcorn maker factory..
• Harvest maize and deliver them to the corn pop factory.
• Wash, dry and bake the popcorn.
• Popcorn baking and packing process with a fully factory environment..
• Amazing background sounds and gameplay.