Pop the Word – Ankita Sanghai

Pop the Word is a first of its kind word game which brings you the fun of popping bubbles, making words and solving puzzles – all in one game.

With no limits to your word making capability, make words from a pool of bubbles to achieve the target.

Complete exciting missions as you play to achieve higher targets. Solve mind-boggling challenges to collect stirring rewards. When in a tight spot, you also have amazing boosters to your rescue.

A fun way to improve your vocabulary and spelling skills with exciting graphics that children will love.

How to Play:

◾ Tap on bubbles to form 3 or more letter words and press ok to submit.
◾ Achieve the target before bubbles reach the spikes.
◾ Points awarded for each word depends on the weight assigned to each alphabet.
◾ Popping each bubble gives you a coin.
◾ Make a 5-letter word to spawn a Special Bubble which pops the surrounding bubbles when used in a word.
◾ Make a 6-letter word to generate a Bomb which when combined to any neighboring bubble pops all bubbles of that letter.
◾ Make a 7-or-more-letter word to generate a Spikey which pops all the bubbles that it comes in contact with.
◾ Combine a Bomb and a neighboring Special Bubble to pop more bubbles.
◾ Combine two neighboring bombs to generate a Blaster.

Game Boosters:

◾ Blaster Booster pops all the bubbles within a defined radius.
◾ Spikey Booster pops all the bubbles that it comes in contact with.
◾ Sleepy Bubbly Booster makes the Bubbly go to sleep for a certain period of time
◾ Popper Booster converts certain number of random bubbles to special bubbles.

◾ You can buy and upgrade boosters from the shop.

Complete mission sets as you play to increase the multiplier. The multiplier multiplies the points of each word and helps you achieve targets easily.

Key Features:

Leaderboard to compete with players worldwide.

100+ missions to challenge your brain.

Unlimited levels with increasing challenge.

XP system to know your proficiency.

Daily challenges and rewards.

Exciting Boosters to boost your play.

Spin the Wheel with exciting rewards and jackpot.

Choose your Avatar

Cute and children friendly graphics.

Shop to buy and upgrade Boosters and other in-game features

Energy Soap system to limit the duration of play.

Daily login rewards like Soap, Boosters and Coins.

Tutorial to help you play

Rewarded optional ads

Playable by all age groups

Download now for FREE and enjoy all the exciting features!