Polyhedron – YUEHCHIA CHU

Looking at the perspective view of a polyhedron, can’t you always imagine a three-dimensional view?

Now with this App, anyone can quickly learn various types of polyhedrons!
Through intuitive and interesting operations, studying various types of polyhedrons, and simple finger sliding, you can view 3D stereograms from various angles. Want to study more? Just tap the button to link to Wikipedia for more information.

This app contains

> 5 Platonic solid
> 11 Archimedean solid
> 1 Prism
> 1 Antiprism
> 4 Johnson solid
> 7 Deltahedron
> 4 Kepler-poinsot polyhedron
> 1 Bipyramid

What are you waiting for? Come and download this beautiful and educational App!