Poker Tournaments Manager – Kevin Mormandi

Welcome to the most complete poker tournament manager on the store, basically, you can configure every part of the tournament to adapt it for you.
This application is super easy to start, you can start the tournament without configuring anything or you can configure everything, it adapts to every type of tournament (casual, professional)


You can stream your tournament to other devices, so multiple devices will be able to manage the tournament on realtime and also the tournament can be reflected on other devices in real-time.

You can change every tournament structure detail, such as Max players, a sound on blinds change, buy-in, rake, chips, rebuy, addon

You can configure every blind, duration, big, small, ante, breaks

Add unlimited amount of players on your tournament, configure the chips, the rebuys, the addons

Configure each prize of the tournament, you can set each place or ranges of places and more than one prize rule depending on the players on the tournament

Manage every chip on your tournament, the color, the value and the name of each chip

Fully configurable tables, you can set the players per table and the app will group the players automatically, also will reorder the tables if one player loses or if new players join into the tournament.

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