Pluuto by Golisto – Golisto

Pluuto makes identifying collectibles and finding their market value easier than ever! Learn about collectibles, childhood keepsakes and recent finds in a brand new way.

Have you ever wished to know more about a certain item without having to spend hours researching, googling and crawling through the internet? How about getting your own know-it-all assistant who is always there to serve you the information you need? Thatʼs exactly what Pluuto is for!

All it takes is focusing your phone’s camera on the front of a basketball card, action figure or even a retro video game and snap a picture or scan the barcode.

The Pluuto app will identify the item and provide you with detailed info about it, such as brand, manufacturer, production year and even an estimated second market value.

Key features of Pluuto:

– 1M+ item database with high identification accuracy
– Item identification and value estimate from both saved photos, freshly snapped pictures or text search
– Fully integrated barcode scanner
– Detailed description and metadata for most items
– Easy-to-use interface with friendly guides to help you get the best result
– Keep track of all the items you identify in your own personally organized collections

The Pluuto team hopes to build a vibrant community for collectors and help more people learn about their collections. Our app is a unique mix of the latest technology and our deep love for everything geeky and collectible.