PLC Wallet – ALMA UG

The mobile wallet is the essential, most popular way to calculate and conduct transactions within the PLATINCOIN system. For cryptocurrencies to reach full mass use potential, we need new crypto products that are truly convenient and easy to understand for all users. The PLATINCOIN ecosystem together with the PLATINCOIN (PLC) cryptocurrency were created to give millions of people the opportunity to easily become cryptocurrency users, with no additional preparation. Developing a convenient mobile wallet became the first step in this direction.

High level of security
The mobile wallet offers a higher level of security than most modern smartphone wallets.
Two-factor authentication.
Strong encryption mechanism with a closed key and 6-digit PIN-code.
Data stored on device in an encrypted format.
Closed key is only stored on the smartphone and is only used as a signature for outgoing transactions, never shared online.
Keys and transaction signatures can be stored using only a smartphone. All operations using closed keys are performed on the smartphone.
Commission amount for each transaction is revealed in the beginning. Transaction commission is never additionally taken from the wallet owner’s account.

Simplicity and convenience
We ensure that everyone will be able to successfully install and use the PLC Wallet on their mobile phone.
User-friendly interface
Intuitive process for all main operations: sending and receiving funds, checking balance and transactions.
Reliable and safe wallet import and export.
Possibility of paying for purchases in vending machines.
Configuration with PLC Secure Box mini computer.

About PLC Secure Box
PLC Secure Box is another product from PLATINCOIN. This is a mini computer the size of a smartphone, but it can replace crypto farms with expensive equipment. It does not require additional service or high spending on electricity. The device allows its owner to get a return of up to 10% of the total value of their cryptocoins every year.

PLC Secure Box guarantees quick creation of new coins during the minting process and offers an alternative to traditional mining: it is a simple, compact, cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe solution.

The PLATINCOIN ecosystem was created to make cryptocurrencies accessible and convenient in everyday life. PLATINCOIN is currently developing a line of payment solutions for the mass market. People will use PLATINCOIN (PLC) in everyday transactions and for exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.