Planning 2 – TaoYuan Zhang

Do you like long-term planning? Do you often don’t know where to start because of a difficult thing? Do you need a list to manage travel plans, shopping plans? Planning 2 can help you!

Planning 2 manages your big plan in a collective way. It breaks down the big plan into several small goals one by one, and finally completes the big plan. Each small goal can be managed independently, with flags and reminders. At the same time, cloud synchronization guarantees that your database only needs to be created once, and the data will not be lost!

-Create schedule set
Rich custom ways to create a unique plan sets
Set the favorite, schedule time and other diversified data management methods

-Plan List
Rich information table is convenient for you to better grasp the completion time and target punch
Add media information such as pictures

-Instrument Cluster
Home dashboard can quickly create a quick plan
Manage goals with flags and reminders from various collections

Multi-Keywords search, search your entire database
Punch in the search results page directly or operate your small target

-Data security
Using icloud synchronization, data security will not be lost
Instant storage, read database, ensure that the created data will not be lost due to accidental exit
Protect data in app with face ID / touch ID