Pirates? Pirates! – Amrita Studio

Become a Pirate Captain in this crazy adventure driven by fair wind and fate!
Navigate your ship, giving orders with a wave of hand, or even with a swipe of finger. The choices you make will either raise you to fame and great wealth, or send you overboard to make fish food.
Take care of your crew. You can’t be a Captain without your sailors. Every life matters.
Watch the ship’s condition. A hole, a broken mast, or a stolen wheel can kill you!
Spend the looted gold wisely to gain more power.
Mind your reputation and fame. There’s nothing worse than an obscure Captain.
Or… have fun steering your ship when drunk and running it over the reefs! Your crew will surely hate you, but you can just throw all grumblers overboard. The inn is full of seamen willing to become your new sailors.
Yes, the inn. You may spend all gold there to make a party of all parties, so wild it will drop the inn’s roof to your head! The fame you get this way will live long.
You will die, yes, but that’s no problem as long as you are bound by a magic contract with a ghost: it will keep bringing you back from the underworld again and again so you can complete it. What the contract is? What does that ghost want of you? Play to know!

Key features:
• Experience the elaborated storyline full of effervescent humor and crazy situations to find a way out from!
• Make decisions. Your own life and those of others depend on your choices!
• Sail the seas with a bunch of picturesque pirates who are your crew members. Each of them has a unique personality and character… and is a real piece of work.
• Face the dangers of the sea: storms, disease outbreaks, ship rats, mutinies, and many, many more.
• Fight! Get into the thick of naval battles. Board the enemy ships to duel their crews on guns and sabers.
• Plunder merchant ships, attack your pirate rivals, and challenge the King!
• Come ashore to explore islands for buried treasures filled with gold and ancient artifacts. But take care not to lose your way in the dangerous jungle!
• Meet fantastic creatures: the undead Parrot, the Mermaids, the Kraken, the restless souls, the cursed sailors, and many others!

Do ALL of it on the ship named “Pirates? Pirates!”…
Welcome aboard, Captain!