Pinnacle Home – Concrescent Network LLC

The Pinnacle Program is designed to help adults and children meet their visual, cognitive, academic and developmental goals. Based on the principles of Mary Bolles’ Sensory Learning Program model, the Pinnacle Program incorporates visual, proprioceptive, and auditory stimuli to help re-train the brain. The sensorimotor integration technique has helped many individuals.

The Pinnacle Home app continues the visual stimulation in the client’s home environment. The practitioner configures the app to provide visual stimuli twice daily to the patient for a configurable number of days. The patient takes the configured iOS device home and uses it as prescribed. During use, the app logs the provided sessions.

When the use period ends, the client returns the iOS device to the practitioner, who can verify the client has completed the prescribed sessions.

These apps are designed and provided solely for the use of approved practitioners who are trained in the Pinnacle Program. After installation, the app requires the practitioner to enter an activation code to enable the app’s function.