Pimsleur Japanese Language – Elmira Medzhlumian

Only 30 min per day!
This is unique application with Japanese Pimsleurs language course. With our Platform you will speak Japanese after few weeks. Start with Level 1 Lesson 1 – Start listening. As bonus application gives you acces to all doctor Paul Pimsleur’s materials, so you can learn Japanese language not only using Iphone but on any device or PC. Only 30 min per day. Full language courses: Italian,
What’s Included?
– the complete Japanese, course including all of Levels 1-5
– 160, 30-minute audio lessons
– over 5 hours of reading instruction allowing you to build your skills toward reading for pleasure
– in total, over 83 hours of audio, all featuring native speakers
– 5 Reading Booklets and a User’s Guide
Perhaps you waited until later in life and tried adult education
classes, language schools, or home training programs. There too
you may have found the information hard to retain, the lessons
tedious, and your progress slow. Many language students give up
early in these programs, convinced they lack the natural ability
to understand and use what they read and hear.
The truth is that anyone can acquire a foreign language—
with the right teaching system. With the Pimsleur Method,
you will benefit from the years of research and development
that have helped create the world’s most effective method for
teaching foreign languages. The Pimsleur Language Programs,
developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, fill an urgent need for selfinstructional
materials in many languages.