Pictionic – Draw the Word – pablo r

Pictionic is the classic multiplayer game in which your friends will have to guess the word the player draws!

Pictionic is:

– More than 1000 cards with words
– Multiple options to draw!
– Join up to four teams!
– Choose from 8 categories: Random, Animals, Food, Sports, Professions, Places, Tools and Movies.
– Online and offline support
– Perfect game for your parties with friends or have fun with family
– Ideas for your own cards
– A simple app for all ages (kids and adults)
– Totally in English

How to play Pictionic:

-The player who is going to draw / paint must be the only one who sees the word
and cant pronounce any clue
-The rest of the team will have to guess the hidden word.
-Each word is a point until the end of the turn
-The team with the most points wins
-Have fun!

Pictionic is not associated with Mattel or Hasbro and Company’s Pictionary, Party, or any other variants of the Pictionary, Party or Uno products, registered trademarks.