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Do you have ever encountered the following situations?

* I took some secret photos, but I was worried about being seen by others and didn’t know where to keep them.
* The mobile phone is lent to others for temporary use, for fear that others will see their own private photos.
* Don’t want your he/she to see the secret photos in his cell phone.
* The phone was stolen or taken to repair and was afraid that the private photo was sneaked or leaked.
* Accidentally deleted the photos in the mobile phone by others.
* Loss or damage to your phone can prevent your photo from being retrieved.
* Mobile photos need to be migrated.

The safest and best private photo app in the history of app store solves these problems for you!

Function introduction:
√ Support fingerprint unlocking, face unlocking and password unlocking to lock important information for you and perfectly protect your privacy.
√ User defined create folder classification, provide file moving and renaming functions, make saving more orderly and concise.
√ Display your stored photos in waterfall flow mode, which enables you to find them most quickly. Browse the pictures in left-right sliding mode, and provide the function of zooming in and zooming out the pictures.
√ Support disguised password, and completely isolate data from real users.
√ Unlimited storage space.
√ Support cloud backup of photos, data will never be lost.
√ Support setting mailbox to retrieve password.

Please note that:

– You need to set up a secure mailbox to retrieve your password.
– If the cloud storage function is not enabled, all the resources in the app will be completely deleted after it is uninstalled and cannot be restored.
– If the cloud storage function has been enabled, after the app is reinstalled, as long as the purchase is resumed, the photos will be automatically restored for you.
– After the expiration of the cloud storage package, we will keep the pictures for you for a while.

This is a private and secure photo album app. It uses bank level encryption rules to protect your photo privacy and the most secure blockchain storage technology. From then on, it is no longer afraid of data loss. It is the choice of more than one million people! Wait for you to join!

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