Pay to Another – Dmitry Fokin

When my son and I began to go to martial arts training to one coach, his training cost 25 dollars, and mine was 32, and I repeatedly came across a situation when the coach does not have change., and I do not have any money with me. I began to pay the coach forward, and then check the visits. For this, I started a list of notes on the iPhone. When my son added an elective for acting skills at school worth 7 dollars, I paid an advance again and had to add one more note with calculations. And when classes on English and calligraphy were added, I began to get confused in the number of lists and calculations. Sometimes I forgot to check visits, sometimes I forgot if I had checked them or not. And I realized that I need an application in which I can manage any number of lists, mark visits with fixing the date and time, see the rest of the money, take into account making the next advance and do calculations without a calculator.

I am happy to introduce the “Pay to Others” application in order to make it more convenient for you to keep a record of payments to each other.

Tutors, nannies, psychologists, nurses, masseurs, individual trainers, extra curricular classes for children, training and counseling – create your own lists, pay an hour or one lesson, mark visits and you will never get confused again!

If your activity is related to hourly pay, taking into account the advance payment paid or the payment for hours worked – this application is invaluable for you. Saves a lot of time and nerves.