PawSanta Parents – The Technical Library

Presenting the FIRST and ONLY end-to-end solution to cater to the ever-evolving needs of your pawkids. Give them the best care they deserve, take control and be the best Paw-rents you always wanted to be!
PawSanta is the end-to-end platform that gives you full control!
Looking for a Groomer? Boarding? Daycare? Vet? Sitter? Playdates?
Want to explore various food options?
Need to extract the best bargains on products & services?
Desire to monitor your kid’s health and well-being?
Analyse and plan your expenses?
Socialize with the parent community?
Watch your kid from wandering away?
Anything Else….?
You name it – PawSanta’s got it.
You never have to miss another appointment or a special day!
Book track and never let exclusive rewards & discounts skip your sight again!
Maintain proper analytics on your spending and get amazing incentives just by promoting your preferences!
All this and much much… much….. more
A “one stop” solution to address all your paw-needs and empower you to become the best parent you always dreamt to be.
Ever lived int the fear of your pet wandering-off? The state of the art lost and found feature has your back now.
Looking for a playdate for your furkid? We have brought the whole pet community together on Pawcialize – Celebrate, find friends, connect, share your favourite moments and pro tips with fellow pet parents and create memories that last a lifetime!
You never have to miss another appointment or a special day!
Book and track appointments painlessly and never miss out on exclusive rewards & discounts.
It’s time to Blossom and make parenting PawSome!
Come onboard and experience the magic we have created just for you.
PawSanta – By the pawrents, For the pawrents
“Coz All Kids Are Special!