Patch: Video Chat a Handyman – Diva Labs LLC

Patch is the #1 home maintenance and repair app that uses video chat to instantly connect homeowners with expert handymen. Why get a repair when you might be able to quickly fix it yourself? And, if it’s too complex to do-it-yourself, the best way to get a quote from a home improvement expert is to instantly show them with video chat. Patch is the only app that helps you get expert advice so that you can either make the repair yourself, or quickly set up an appointment with a handyman who has already seen the problem!

Patch is the quickest way to scope, schedule, and complete a home improvement project. The most important part of any project is clear communication with the home improvement expert. Patch’s remote communication tool lets customers video chat with a qualified handyman instantly. Customers can get help with an immediate repair need or get help unsticking themselves from a do-it-yourself project gone wrong. And, if you decide it’s better to get the handyman to complete the job, you’ll have an accurate quote instantly.

Instantly video chat with your city’s best handymen
Show your handyman your home issue or project
Get expert advice for your do-it-yourself project
If you need it, get a quote for an in-person visit

Use your expertise to make money remotely
Accurately scope projects from home
Get paid for your knowledge
Build your customer base with each happy Patch customer

Find, video chat, and hire handymen for repair and home improvement projects, including:
Plumbing & Bathroom Remodeling, including installing and fixing sinks and toilets, repairing or replacing broken garbage disposals, repairing faucets
Electrical Wiring, including installing outlets, switches, surge protectors and other electrical components, installing or repairing ceiling fans, and installing or repairing light fixtures
Carpentry, including: replacing rotting wood, installing and repairing cabinets, building and repairing sheds, install handrails, repairing ice and water damage
Gutter Repair & Cleaning
Tile Installation
Deck Construction & Repair
Installing Windows
Drywall Repair

Download Patch now, and video chat with a handyman in minutes.