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Explore! Catch!Cute, interesting and cool!
“Partner Summon” is a mobile game that features a collection of cute beast, map adventure, strategy and battles.
The colorful painting style interprets the magical cute beasts in people’s mind, and the novel evolution, battle and adventure gameplay also awakens the inner emotion.
Feel the resonance between you and your cute beasts, transform gorgeously, and experience a hearty and passionate fight!

Game Feature
===Multi-content,easy to play===
The brand-new oversized map with a variety of styles,trainer’s gym,beast league,and other extremely rich game content await your experience!
You can also form a guild, recruit trainers from all over the world, and win top honors in guild battles!
Start your adventure and discovery the journey!

===Diversity cute beast===
Nearly a thousand kinds of cute beaste are ready to be found and the multi-value system is differentiated and cultivated.
Different training system, attributes’ develop and bonuses, characteristics, special skills, and evolution of the beast,etc.,interesting contents are waiting for you.
From the weakest to the strongest, we will accompany you on your journey.

=== Fun strategy battle ===
Multi-beast strategy game, according to the situation to change the strategy to enter the battlefield, everything is under control!
Analyze the different attributes, qualifications and skills of your beast to build a strong and strategic team!

===Who is the strongest trainer? ===
In addition to the adventure, there are more combeastitive arena and towers of trainers waiting for you to fight!
Challenge the gym and win the league championship! Guild summits, personal cross-services battles, a variety of gameplay enthusiastic collision.
Constantly surpass your opponents, surpass yourself, and become the strongest!

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