Park manage – Konya Vincze

Park manage is a must have app if you own a mall, if you have an apartment or if you want to manage parked cars, space is a big issue, and when it comes to parking space has really become an issue, and managing parked cars not just becomes difficult, but it also creates lot of issues in managing people who have parked their cars, So finally there is a solution to this common problem. Now with Park Manage, you can manage different parked cars easily and efficiently on your handset.


– Display available slots
– Multiple options: Vehicle type, vehicle in, vehicle out, parked, history, settings.

Vehicle type
– Display list of vehicle type added
– Add button to add vehicle type
– Delete option on swipe
– On top edit type screen will open

Add vehicle type
– Open with fields: Vehicle type, Rate per an hour, Rate per half an hour, Rate per 15 minutes
– SAVE button to save data
– RESET button to reset filled data

Vehicle In
– Display Vehicle in time, Enter vehicle plate number field, Select vehicle type field
– SAVE button to save vehicle check in data
– RESET button to reset all filled

Vehicle Out
– Open with filed Plate number and calculation button to calculate vehicle out details.
– Vehicle out details display: Entry date&time, Exit date & time, Vehicle category, Parked time, Amount
– SAVE button to save data in history

Parked screen
– Display list of vehicle parked with Vehicle plate number, vehicle entry date, vehicle type and “Vehicle exit” button
– Vehicle exit button click will redirect to Vehicle out screen

History screen
– Display list of previously parked with Vehicle plate number, vehicle type, vehicle entry date, vehicle exit date, total parked time, Amount and “DELETE” button
– Delete button to delete data from history

Setting screen
– Input number of slots
– SAVE button to save number of slots
– CLEAR HISTORY button Clear history data

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