Parcelpik Agents – Matubu Inc.

“””Parcelpik platform provides a marketplace for the following stakeholders:
Customers – End users who can place a request for pick up & delivery via the platform.
Agents – Employees or freelancers who will receive the pickup/delivery request and will provide the delivery service.
Service owner – Platform owner, owning and managing the entire platform: users, tasks, content and other key operations.
As the old adage goes “Time is money”. With this in mind, Parcelpik has created a platform that enables its stakeholders to SAVE TIME AND MONEY on their deliveries.
Our Agents live in the same neighbourhoods and communities as our customers. This means our Agents don’t have to drive long distances to pickup and deliver. TIME AND MONEY SAVED!
Our state-of-the-art software empowers the customers by providing them with the facility to track the driver’s location so as to predict the time of dispatch, pickup and delivery. NO ANXIETY!
With good relationships with customers, contracts with drivers and convenient communication software, Parcelpik is able to take control of the entire delivery process, creating smooth experience for all stakeholders. SATISFACTION!
Benefits for our Agents
• Source of employment or extra income (full time or part time)
• Flexible work schedule
• Getting connected with customers at no cost
Any person can signup to deliver parcels with Parcelpik. After successfully completing the application process, candidates can download the Parcelpik agents app from the app store. After downloading the app the candidate can create a profile with contact details, profile picture, vehicle details as well as login credentials. Once the profile setup is complete, the candidate is now an agent. When they sign into the app they will have the following abilities; toggle available/not available to mark availability (This determines whether the agent will be considered available for a new on-demand service assignment), receive the task requests, accept/decline the task, view current tasks in List view, view task details and start tasks, update task status (Started, Arrived, Completed), upload images, take customer signature and make notes, mark the task as successful/failed, view past and future tasks in a calendar view, add proof of delivery by adding notes, images and customer’s signature.
Once an agent has accepted a delivery request, they will have the ability to call or message the customer as and when required and they will be provided with directions to the pickup and delivery locations. The agent will also have the ability to get push notifications for tasks assigned as well as viewing ongoing and past services with service ID, date, time of service, customer name, the status of service. The agent is also able to filter the services from the status as assigned/accepted/started/arrived etc and sort the services by time and distance. At any point in time, an agent can check all the earnings in a day associated with all their services.
While available for taking delivery requests, an agent has access to support phone number, support email address, physical address, website link. The agent can contact support by calling the support phone number or by email after clicking on support email address and which redirects them to ‘Compose Email’ via the configured email account. When agent does not want to take any pickup and delivery request, he can either toggle to “unavailable” or sign out of the app.””