Padal – DevZero LLC

Padal is a “grid-based generative music sequencer” — in other words, it’s a fast, fun way to make music!

◦ 6 tracks / grids
◦ Multiple instruments – Piano, cello, bass, snare, drums and more
◦ Collisions allow for generative music
◦ 8 directional movers (up, down, left, right and diagonal in all directions)
◦ Save and load Projects
◦ Control temp / beats per minute (BPM) per project
◦ Musical scales and keys (including major, minor, harmonic/melodic minor and chromatic)
◦ 6-track mixer for volume control
◦ Shuffle feature generates notes automatically

Place “movers” on each grid / track — when a mover hits the edges of a grid, it produces a sound. Movers can move in any direction (up, down, left, right and diagonally in all directions). Notes played are based on the selected musical scale and key.

Play multiple instruments including piano, cello, bass, snare and drums per track and grid. Toggle tracks on and off while playing for live performances.

A 6-track mixer allows full control over volume levels of each individual track.

Save and load multiple projects and switch between them at any time.

Use the “Shuffle” feature to randomly generate new types of music. Hit it multiple times till you find one like or if you need a quick dose of inspiration!

Collisions can be toggled per track and result in interesting, evolving music. Make tracks that play for long periods of time (even hours) without repeating — notes can collide against each other and against the walls of the grid.