Pack ME: Smart Packer – Hartaj Trehan

Make packing easier and effective using PackMe: a unique travel app that uses machine learning technology to detect common travel items. It automatically adds detected items to your packing list. It also reminds you to add essential items and items as per the destination and purpose of travel.

— Point & Pack —
Simply point your camera at items such as ‘Shirt’, ‘Shoes’ or ‘Hairdryer’, and it will automatically add these to your list. You can set the ‘number’ of a particular item too.

— Smart Reminders —
PackMe reminds you to pack certain essential items like passport, tickets or keys. It also recommends items that may come in handy according to your destination or purpose of travel. For example, If you are travelling to a warm sunny place, the app will remind you to pack your sunscreen or bathing suit. If you are travelling for business, it will recommend you to pack items such as documents or stationeries. If you are considering vlogging, it will prompt you to pack some extra camera batteries!

— Elegant Design —
Beautiful user interface and super easy to navigate.

**The app detects 72 most common travelling items**
You can add any undetected item by simply typing it into the list (like in a typical list-making app).

If you have any queries regarding the app, feel free to message us on our Instagram account: @adventurechaseofficial

Happy Packing & Safe Trip!