OVERWATCH GPS CONSOLE – Cantor Tactical Corp

OVERWATCH GPS Tracker Console is a powerful personal and business GPS smart tracking, mobile safety app that provides global peace of mind, all day everyday wherever you, your people or assets are in the world! We offer a robust and comprehensive suite of features, services and devices to track children, elderly, teen drivers, travelers, infidelity, pets, business employees and assets, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, medical emergency and even works of art!

When it comes to technological assets that are powerful and versatile and packed with safety and security in mind, Overwatch GPS tracking would certainly be at the top of the list. With Overwatch you are in control of a powerful suite of tools that can perform real-time tracking of vehicles, people, phones, boats, bikes and other assets. You can even choose between street view maps, satellite or terrain maps. You will be able to determine the exact location and address of the tracked objects or smartphone and the travel history.

You can get instant alerts about your tracking object and set up a geo-zone, which are geographic boundaries for personal tracking or vehicle and asset tracking so that if that tracker or smartphone moves in or out of the parameters you set for the geo-zone, you will get a notification immediately. Users can also choose different time tracking intervals for different purposes. For example, recreational or business travelers, to ensure they receive the amount of information that they need to monitor the safety of loved ones, employees or their assets.

For business and people, all reports and history of your tracking vehicles, people or smartphone can easily be downloaded in a variety of formats. You can get essential reports on exact location of the object or smartphone you are following, distance traveled, any vehicle stopovers, driving hours, speeding alerts and even fuel consumption.

And with our advanced google mapping features, you will have the tools to add markers at locations that are important to you such as specific places, restaurants, gas stations, hotels or your most visited places. You can also name all of the essential places, however you choose for you or business purposes. And have the capability to measure the distance between one or another point on the map.

For mobile phones, you will have real time tracking, alerts and the ability to receive and manage tasks or find that lost or stolen mobile phone. A perfect family safety and duty of care solution for business.

Whether you want to discreetly watch over family members or friends when they are out of sight and get to-the-minute updates that you can access easily via a computer, smartphone or tablet or professional fleet or vehicle tracking to more efficiently manage your business, Overwatch does it all!

We also carry professional GPS trackers for a variety of applications. Each with unique features and functions, to assist you in safety, protection, travel, business efficiency, loss prevention and the collection of valuable insight to better keep track of and manage and run your family or business.

Overwatch also supports almost a thousand different tracking devices in the event you want to use your tracker with our service.

When it comes to the safety and security of your family, travelers, personnel or assets or for duty of care, Overwatch is there to assist you every step of the way. Backed by unparalleled real world security experience in protecting people, companies and organizations worldwide successfully, giving you the confidence and reassurance that you need and want for today’s uncertain times.

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