Otter Director HD – Otter Network, LLC

Live stream your event from multiple angles, using just your smartphones and tablets.
Shoot from 3 angles, switch between shots on the fly, and go live to Facebook or Youtube. Or save your camera streams to edit and post later.
How it works: Open the Otter Director app on a tablet and create a shoot. Invite 3 smartphones to act as Cameras via our free Otter Camera app. Once the Cameras are rolling, hit ‘Start Broadcast Now’ and stream to Facebook Live or Youtube Live (or both at once). Use the Director touchscreen to switch between shots on the fly and pick audio.
The 3 Cameras can be in the same room or anywhere in the world with WIFI or cell service. Otter Director comes with unlimited Otter Camera invites.
Choose our Professional plan to store your Camera feeds to edit and post later.

If you can use your camera phone, you can use Otter.

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