Orbital Zap – Rickmania LLC

Zap the colored planets off the board by creating a link from the center to the outer orbital in this ultra-hard, shifting maze action-puzzler. Clear all the planets off the board to beat the level.

You have to be quick though because if one of your linked lines crosses the center of the board, or “the sun,” you lose!

The free version includes 64 mind-bending, infuriating levels, and is ad supported.

Get the Deluxe version (Orbital Zap Deluxe) for one low price to get an extra 32 levels (96 total), with all levels unlocked, no in-game ads, access to a special “Endless Mode,” and league play which tracks your performance and lets you compete against other players.

No annoying micro-transactions! No “pay to win,” If you make the one-time upgrade to Deluxe you have access to all the special features and any new special features that will be added in the future.