Operation Just Cause – Dreamstar Netword LImited

Operation Just Cause is a Gun Merging & FPS game. Choose your guns and rush to the battlefield to strike terrorists.

AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls!
Simulate real Counter-terrorist Strike
Merge guns 2 in 1
Real Experience of First Person Shooting
Over 60 guns: Desert Eagle, AK-47, Uzi, Kar98K, M16A1, AWP, AKM, Barrett M82

1. Drag & merge 2 guns to make a better one!
2. Get more guns by clicking!
3. Start mission, swipe to aim, press to shoot!
4. Defeat terrorists with modern guns on real battlefields!
5. Merge to make more & better guns!

Unlock all guns and become the best shooter

Enjoy your time.

Download Operation Just Cause for free. Enjoy the fun with merging & shooting!

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You will love the shooting experience on your mobile device!