Onsight Fitness – Onsight Fitness

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness world. We help everyday people find their place in fitness.

Founded in August of 2016 and based in Chattanooga, TN, Onsight is a trusted personal training service delivering health and fitness to people with unique demands. Onsight is a space that creates and inspires possibilities in others to discover their passion in fitness and adventure. At Onsight Fitness, our clients receive more than just a workout; they gain the experience and knowledge that empowers sustainable high performance. By partnering with the local medical community, Onsight aims to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness world.

Learn more about the Onsight Method:

The Onsight Assessment – a 90 minute evaluation of exercise history, vital measurements, functional movement screening, strength testing, VO2 Max testing, and an in depth movement education. The Onsight Assessment is designed to help relearn the body and gain perspective on how to personally achieve optimal long term physical health.

Client undergoes Private or Semi-Private training for 3-6 months working closely with an exercise physiologist to reach the exercise recommendations and build exercise confidence.

We track 7 of the most important fitness health metrics and educate the client on the importance of each. Also, we integrate with Apple HealthKit in order to track and see your daily steps along side your other health metrics.

The results of the Onsight Assessment are sent to the individual along with relevant exercise recommendations, self programming guidelines, and local resources that promote increased physical activity.

When a client has finished 3-6 months of training and displays an understanding of exercise guidelines, health metrics, and exercise confidence we off-board them to community partners or home workouts for lifelong fitness.