Online Pravex – “PRAVEX BANK” JSC

The clients registered in the system obtain automatic Passive access, which includes only viewing the information on the accounts and generating statements and schedules.

In order to obtain the Active access, which would allow making money transfers and payments within the system, it is necessary to visit any branch of “PRAVEX BANK” with a view of signing an agreement for connection to the respective service.

In order to make first entrance into PRAVEX ONLINE system, it is necessary to pass a simple registration procedure according to the Instruction on the work with PRAVEX ONLINE system, as well as to familiarize oneself with the TERMS of servicing individuals in the systems.

This service allows Clients of the Bank (individuals and private entrepreneurs) to do the following:
Look through the card balance and account balance;
Generate accounts and cards statements;
Look through information on deposits;
Look through information on loans;
Generate schedule of loan payments;
Transfer from card to card;
Look through the archive of performed transactions;
Online purchase/sale of currencies from the card (for individuals).