ofenfindAR – Stefan Reicher

ofenfindAR is the perfect AR-App for checking out how a nice Oven would look like in your home!

You can:
– Save time and money by first checking your possible next oven with our AR-App rather than buying expensive plans and 3D renderings!
– Select from the best models on the market! They are build from original construction plans from the manufacturers.
– Customise your favorite oven! Change the colour and material to your liking.
– Fit the lighting to your place! You can brighten/darken the light and change it´s direction, enable/disable shadows and also adjust the saturation & contrast.
– Place it exactly where you want it! We have a very precise placement solution where you can change the position in centimeter-steps if you want to.
– Walk around it to see it from any angle you can imagine!
– And last but not least sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the relaxing fire with soothing sound. Just like a real one 😉

What are you waiting for? Enlighten your place with our solution!