Notify Audits and Inspections – Notify Technology

The app for users of Notify AI – the smart checklists, audits and inspections software from Notify Technology.

Say goodbye to hefty paper trails and cumbersome spreadsheets.

Notify is the flexible and data-led solution for Health & Safety and Safety Assurance professionals.

This app, in conjunction with your Notify AI account, allows you to manage safety audits, complete checklists and build and manage repeating or one-off inspections.

With a Notify AI account you get:

– Access to the Notify AI app and dashboards for your organisation
– Secure login giving you control over how the Notify AI app is used
– As many users as you need (you only pay for Management Users)

Main features of Notify AI:

– No more paper trails: Save time, be environmentally savvy. Notify AI gives you smart, flexible and highly configurable checklists, safety audits and inspections.

– Real-Time Tracking: Track your Audits in real-time to ensure that your business remains fully compliant and your workers are safeguarded at all times.

– Take Action: Actions can be created, assigned to audits and inspections, as well as to colleagues, and tracked right through to completion.

– Efficiency Through Digital Transformation: Throw spreadsheets in the bin and replace them with modern technology. Unburden your Health & Safety team from chasing up paperwork and manual reporting.