NoteWays – Griffin Healy

Discover beautiful and fascinating locations around the globe, and keep daily notes about your life with NoteWays. Whether you wish to keep track of the destinations you hope to visit in the future or if you have notes to take today, NoteWays has you covered. NoteWays gives you the power to locate destinations around the world, storing valuable information with such features as Dynamic Location Searching, Visual Map Annotating, Photo Taking, and Direction Routing. Plus, NoteWays gives you the tools to create detailed daily notes where you’re free to take captivating pictures or choose those from your photo library.


• Tag current, regional or global locations.
• Provide descriptions for your locations.
• Add photos from either your photo library or take your own.
• View and edit annotated destinations in the visual Map-View.
• Get directions and route to destinations with Apple Maps.
• Edit and delete undesired locations.


• Create beautiful and detailed notes.
• Add photos to your notes from either your photo library or take your own.
• Create groups for your notes to make note keeping easier.
• Edit and Delete unwanted notes and groups.

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