Notes++ – Ssann Tech LLC

A beautiful and simple all-in-one notes, calendar, checklist, to do list, habit tracker, reminder and journal.
Carefully designed with attention to details and that gives you a pleasant, smooth and colorful interface that you will use effortlessly.
This is the app you will enjoy to open and use. This is a real gem you just found. Install and enjoy it now.

Hate ads?
-We do too. No pesky ad in this app. This app is completely ad free.

What about privacy?
-This app does not track your activity, monitor or access your data in any way. Your data stays on your device or your iCloud account. Like Apple, we respect your privacy.

Can I use it with no internet connection?
-Yes the app works with no internet access. Only backing up your data to your iCloud requires internet connection.

Is this app that great?
-We believe you’ll fall in love with it. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try