Noiso – James Taylor

Introducing Noiso. An ambient sounds app for ultimate sleep and relaxation.

Quick Overview:

• Enjoy over 50 handcrafted sounds that loop seamlessly with more added monthly.
• Create a unique atmosphere by mixing sounds together. The possibilities are endless.
• Bedtime has never been better. Set a timer, close your eyes and let the ambient sounds put you to sleep.
• Enjoy Noiso to Relax, Unwind and Sleep on your iPhone + iPad.

About Noiso:

Noiso is an ambient sounds app for iPhone and iPad. It currently has over 50 sounds – with more sounds added monthly – spanning across five categories (Weather, Earth, Nature, Urban and Travel). Each sound has been handcrafted to loop seamlessly.

On top of offering a huge library of sounds one of the main features of Noiso is that it allows you to mix multiple sounds together to form a unique atmosphere. The sound mixing feature’s UI has been thoughtfully implemented so that the process of choosing and mixing the sounds is as fun, effortless and free-flowing as possible.

Other features include a timer that allows you to play a sound when you are ready to sleep and the app will automatically stop playing after that set amount of time, providing a relaxing, calming bedtime experience.

The overall design of Noiso is engaging, fun and colourful with icons and illustrations also included. It is intended to be enjoyed by users of all ages that want a native Apple experience to Relax, Unwind and Sleep after (or before) a stressful, hectic day.

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

Current Sounds:

• Rumbling Thunder
• Bamboo Rain
• Thunderstorm
• Light Umbrella Rain
• Heavy Umbrella Rain
• Rainy Drive
• Light Rain
• Medium Rain
• Distant Thunder
• Monsoon

• Jungle Rain
• Crow Calling
• Forest Camping
• Birds at Dawn
• Swarm of Bees
• Croaking Frogs
• Jungle Birds
• Rainforest Ambience
• Crickets
• Amazon Stroll

• Forest Creek
• Colorado River Rapids
• River Stream
• Creaky Bamboo
• Calm Ocean Waves
• Waterfall
• Crashing Waves
• Volcanic Lava
• Seaside
• Underwater Ambience
• Walking on Snow

• Fireworks Night
• Morning Swim
• Boiling Water
• Shower
• Suitcase Rolling
• Log Fire
• Aquarium
• Blowing Bubbles
• Close Shave
• Washing Machine
• Keyboard
• Printer
• Ballpoint Pen
• Wind Turbine

• Muscle Car
• Aeroplane
• Motorboat
• Subway
• Tank
• Train Carriage