Noah Local Food – Noah International AB

Noah is a marketplace where consumers can buy their food directly from the producer. The producer retains a larger part of the value of their products at the same time as they reach a larger market and receive a fully automated flow with product offerings online, payment and accounting. The fact that we create a better environment and support Sweden towards the goal of becoming less dependent on foreign food producers makes us extra happy. It has never been this easy to get local food delivered to your home while caring for the local countryside, nature and animals at the same time. By using Noah, you support a living countryside, your local farmer, biodiversity, increased self-sufficiency in Sweden, climate goals, nature, animals and the extremely important knowledge and cultural heritage that each food producer possesses. We also dare to say that it gives both you and the local producers a more economically sustainable trade by simplifying the steps from producer to consumer. That’s how it works:
-Local food are added to the app directly by the producer.
-You buy the products you want directly in the app and pay with your card.
-You choose which address and what time you want the food delivered.
-We deliver the food to the door.