Meet the new NNIT GO app!
Easy on-the-go time registration that makes daily registrations and weekly submissions easier and smoother.

All assigned projects are readily available in NNIT GO so you are just a few steps from submitting your next timesheet from your mobile phone, try it out!
1. Create a timesheet
2. Add a project
3. Add hours

Key Features:
• Copy previous timesheet for easy and quick registration
• View past submitted timesheets
• Change between project view and weekly view to give the overview that you need
• Supports internal and external comments for invoicing

About NNIT

We are passionate people building winning teams with our customers. With deep roots in the pharmaceutical industry, we supply services that meet the highest requirements for quality, security and standardization. Read more about our quality and security.

NNIT is one of Denmark’s leading consultancies in IT development, implementation and operations. For over a decade, we have applied the latest advances in technology to make software development, business processes and communication significantly more effective.

Today, NNIT has approximately 3,300 employees – of which approximately half work outside the borders of Denmark – in China, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and in the US.