Night Clock – Just Night Light – Ting Dong

This is an extremely simple clock application designed for the night, with sliding up and down for easy adjustment of brightness without any extra operations.
When you need to be quiet, just open it and you can calm down.
When you need to stay away from your phone, just open it and you can stay away from everything.
When you need a glimmer of light at night, just open it and you can get that light.
If you have your work to do, open it and don’t let other complicated things affect you.
If you have a baby waking up at night, turning it on will not affect your baby’s sleep, nor will you make it unclear to your baby’s night time.
There are no other options, it is a clock, not even a format switch.
Its brightness will be grasped by you, will not hurt your eyes, and will not let your quiet heart be interrupted.