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Air-pollution has become a very critical problem in our time and has become one of the foremost health hazards. People realize that the pollution level is bad but don’t really know what steps to take to protect oneself and loved ones from air-pollution related diseases.

Welcome to the NiceDay App as a one-stop shop for all your needs to help you manage Air Pollution. It’s a free app that provides real-time air pollution data for 
more than 100 cities in India. We have our own NiceDay Air Monitors and trusted sensors/meters installed over 100 locations in India. We are also integrated with multiple other data sources to ensure you get an updated real-time pollution readings at all times. This App:

– Gives the current Air Quality Index (AQI) and the particulate matter concentration (pm2.5 and pm10) levels of your current location. You can also search and save upto 4 locations and monitor their pollution level regularly

– Helps you understand what the pollution looks like outside by showing an image of how smog looks in your city

– If you don’t know whether an AQI of 250 is good or bad, it provides an indication in terms of equivalent cigarettes smoked. This is an easy indication for user to understand how bad the air quality is and how it affects their health

– Air pollution affects people with different age groups and health conditions differently. We understand that one recommendation cannot fit all. With NiceDay App, you can create different profiles for family members and get customized health recommendations for all them

– You can log what Air Quality prevention recommendations you have followed, and the App shows you what health benefit you received by following those recommendations
The app predicts what is the least polluted and most polluted time for today is. The App hence suggests when to open your windows to ventilate you house and when to avoid going outdoors.

– We post regular articles on the app to help you understand Air pollution better and what are the other measures you can take to control its effects
There is an E-commerce portal where you can buy our recommended products right from the mobile app

– We give you constant notifications with action steps if the pollution level deteriorates in your surroundings

Coming Soon:

– We will soon launch our own Air Purifiers which can be controlled right from the NiceDay App.

Thanks for reading. We have just started, and we are really trying to give you a good experience on the App. Please give us your feedback.

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