(New) DDiary – Draw your day – yeon suk choi

DDiary targets users who prefers diary notebooks to any other calendar related applications.

0. Drawing
Everything is written or drawn with Apple Pencil. Fill up your diary with your unique drawings and fonts. DDiary provides you with various tools including fonts, textbox, ruler, lasso and image attachment.
1. Monthly Diary
It is the first page that pops up when you open DDiary. You can write in monthly schedules or upcoming events and if you press hard on any date, the Weekly Diary which has that date will show up.
2. Weekly Diary
Every date for the Weekly Diary is divided into two sections. One shows you a summary of your Monthly Diary, and the other is for you to fill in your daily plans.
3. Writing Journals
Aside from diaries, you can write up a journal. Try using various layouts, a favorites mark, and a unique title to decorate your journals that records all your major events.
4. View Diary
You can view all your diaries along with your albums by either weeks or days. You may search them by their dates or titles.
5. Daily Screen
It shows you all the information(Monthly, Weekly or Daily diary) related to a specific date. It pops up whenever you double tap any date from the Monthly Diary.
6. Lock
DDiary supports both Touch ID and Face ID for you to lock your app.
7. Theme/Font settings
DDiary provides you with various themes and fonts for you to design your diary however you like.