NeoView – Monivent

NeoView allows display of measured ventilation parameters during manikin based ventilation training when used in combination with the measuring and monitoring device Monivent Neo training.

NeoView presents real time feedback on VTe (expiratory tidal volume) with guidance in mL/kg together with feedback on PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure), PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure), face mask leak and ventilation rate. Continuous real time feedback enhances and speeds up learning. Feedback on face mask leak helps identify need to adjust face mask position. PIP in combination with VTe helps identify potential airway obstruction and provides a better understanding of lung compliance. The data is stored for analysis, comparison to previously recorded sessions and export.

Users may have separate logins and are provided with a personal training log showing performance over time, which increases motivation to practice and improves ventilation skills.