myrealkorean Real-time Q&A app – youngmi jo

Real-time Question & Answer Korean Tutoring Service

When you are studying Korean,
When you are watching Korean Entertainment and K-drama,
When you are listening to K-pop,

Under these circumstances, you get something you don’t know Right?
Ask a variety of questions: text, voice and pictures
Then we’ll give you answer in real-time!

> Real 1min – Time to learn ‘Real Korean!
‘안녕하세요~ 감사합니다~’
It’s kind of Boring Korean ~ Bye Bye ~
Let’s learn the expressions that Koreans use in real-life with short and funny Korean videos that are updated every day.

> Real Teacher – 1:1 Tutoring service

You don’t understand when you get an answer?
Ask real teachers through 1:1 chat
If you use 1:1 chat, you can hear the kind explanations of teachers!

No longer difficult!
‘myrealkorean’ will help you!