MyOIT – Mihir Joshi

MyOIT lets you better manage your allergy immunotherapy experience––developed by a peanut and tree nut OIT graduate.

– Track your daily OIT dose and symptoms.
– Quickly contact your allergist
– Set a reminder
– Easily find dose conversions (more OIT conversions coming soon!)

MyOIT puts you in charge of your OIT experience. Therefore, we do not collect any of your medical data. MyOIT helps you to reach out to your allergist, set a quick 2 hour timer for your OIT dose, and even find dose conversions (currently conversions for peanut and tree nut maintenance are available).

The most important part about MyOIT is that it’s made for OIT patients, by a former OIT patient. Because we want to make this app as useful as possible, please feel free to share any feedback with us through the ‘Feedback’ tab. Whether it’s a new feature, more conversions, or a bug, we would love to hear what you have to say!