My Wealth for iPad – Milan Vora

Track your financial tools on the go with My Wealth for iPad. Get knowledge about your portfolios, investments, allocation and follow the latest market news about different instrument of various countries.

Asset Allocation
Get a great view to understand your asset allocation in very simple and Intelligent way. See how your investments are doing. Uncover opportunities for diversification.

Track your Investments
What’s the Market doing, how its is affecting your assets. Track your returns, transactions, cash flows. Get informed about markets of different countries and subscribe / unsubscribe them according to your wish.

Personalized recommended Instruments
Expert financial advisors provide customized Instrument specifically to your goals.

Reports on the go
Get financial reports of your investments including annual, monthly, weekly reports.

Create your own Favorites
Create your own list for keeping track of your favorite Instruments.

Bank – Type security
You can use My Wealth application with confidence. Our multiple level security and remote authentication to verify you and your device makes it more secure.

Contact your Advisor
Have any issue, need any Help or Advice contact your Advisor in just one click